Despite the fact that Paralia and Honorata Hotel offer you almost everything that you can dream of during your stay, we invite you to visit some unique places in Greece. We do mention few from the most attractive places in the area that you can visit by car or take a tour organised by us.



Located several kilometres away from Paralia. This village is famous in the whole of Europe for its archaeological sites that include ancient fortificationssanctuaries and public baths. In the local museum you will find mosaics of Dionysus in his chariotstatuesceramic potterycoins and many other artefacts from over 15 centuries ago.



Few kilometres away from Dion you will find Litochoro, a little place in the highlands and the last stop before conquering the Mount Olympus. This is a starting point of the track E4 leading to the peak of Mount Olympus – Mitikas (2919m high). You can visit the Monastery of Dionysus and witness the real beauty of Olympus. On the way you will find many hostels where you can rest and eat. While in Litochoro, you must go for a walk in the Enipea Canyon, which leads to Withos Falls. The Olympus National Park will amaze you with its sites of gorges and cliffs.



In this little place the Mount Olympus meets the Aegean Sea. While driving on the highway you can see from far away the ruins of a fortress (The castle of Platamon) dated to the 4th century B.C.


Pella and Giannitsa

Two places which are known for their archaeological excavations sites. They are both around 1hr drive from Honorata Hotel. The excavation site in Pella was found accidentally in 1957. The site covers an area of 4 sq km; apart from mosaics of hunting motives you can find fragments of buildingsstreets and other artefacts of archaic life.



Called by many “Cracow of Greece” are only 1,5 hrs away from Honorata Hotel. Despite the fire of 1917 that destroyed the city’s historic centre and a large part of its architectural heritage including many buildings of rare beauty you can still visit “the Old Thesalloniki” in the area called Kastra which is surrounded by Byzantine fortification walls. Here you can admire Greek and Turkish Art Deco architecture. While in the city, you must visit The White Tower of ThessalonikiThe Church of Aghia SofiaThe Church of Aghios DemetriosThe Church of Panayia HalkeionThe Arch of GaleriusThe Ancient Agora, and many more. It is also worth to visit The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki as well as Macedonia-Thrace Folklore and Ethnological Museum. In the area Eptapirgiou there is an old castle (The Seven-tower castle), which was used as a public prison until the 80’s. You can sit nearby and admire the panoramic view of the city, the port and the Chalkidiki Peninsula, which is known for its 3 finger hand-like shape. The three long fingers are called: CassandraSithona and Athos. The first two are known for their amazing beaches and the third hides the most amusing and mysterious monasteries of Greece.



Hanging monasteries” – belong to the most unique places on earth. These amazing monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars. The first one was built in 1336. The building materials needed to be pulled by the monks with the ropes.  Although more than 20 monasteries were built, beginning in the 14th century, only six remain today (4 male and 2 female). These six are: ‘Great Meteoron (or Transfiguration), VarlaamSt. StephenHoly TrinitySt. Nicholas Anapausas and Rousanou. Being there you must also visit Tembi Valley, which is associated with the legends of Orpheas or Daphne. You must not miss drinking water from Aphrodite’s fountain of youth.

Winter skiing

Honorata Hotel invites you out of season since it offers its hospitality all year round. Only 30 mins away you will find Elatochori – a mountain village situated 900 metres high with a beautiful landscape and a ski resort. The place offers many newly prepared skiing tracks and lifts. A great fun in the snow is guaranteed. You can take a rest in local taverns and have your meal in the shadow of the “Mount of the Greek gods”.